Monday 20 May 2019

Colm and Jim Jim spark anger with sick Obama sniper jokes

TASTELESS: 2FM DJs Colm Hayes and Jim Jim Nugent
made jokes about President Obama dodging a bullet
TASTELESS: 2FM DJs Colm Hayes and Jim Jim Nugent made jokes about President Obama dodging a bullet

2FM presenters Colm and Jim Jim have been slated for sick jokes about Barack Obama being shot during his inauguration speech.

The breakfast DJs made a series of tasteless jibes about a possible assassination.

The pair repeatedly laughed live on air that the first-ever African American president of the US would have to do the locomotion on stage to avoid being shot.

Describing how the transfer of power takes place in a matter of seconds, Colm said: "They don't want to give yer man enough time to focus his sniper rifle."

Their attempts at getting a cheap laugh were "simply not funny", said the Democrats Abroad Ireland group.

Spokesperson Mary Kay Simmons told the Herald that it was a "rotten show" if it relied on jokes about assassination.

The attempt at comedy on their 2FM show has also been condemned by Offaly woman Marian Healy, whose son Henry was invited to Washington for the ceremony after records linked the new President ancestors to the midlands.

After Colm's first comment, Jim Jim quickly replied "oh will ya stop" but then proceeded to join in the joke.

Colm continued: "And watch Barack Obama, he's moving all the time."

Again Jim Jim interjects: "Everyone's doing this that he's going to get shot." Colm continued the sick banter saying: "Seriously, they say it's the first inauguration where everybody on the stage will be constantly doing the locomotion."

The presenters found the statement hilarious and Jim Jim decides: "We should be doing the commentary." At that point they start cheering and singing the locomotion, adding in "keep moving Obama".

Colm adds: "It's the moment when he puts the crown on. That's what I want to see and then he turns to George Bush and he pulls out a big stick and chases him down the capitol lawn."

Ms Simmons condemned the show, telling the Herald: "I don't think that's funny at all. I don't mean you can't make fun of politicians but there are limits.

"I was alive when John F Kennedy was assassinated. I was only young but I 'd no idea that I had that many tears in me," she said. "To make a joke about someone being assassinated, especially someone like this. The world badly needs Barack Obama.

"The whole fear we all have is that some nutter will get him [Barack Obama]. I really, really think it's not funny."

Marian Healy added: "I certainly wouldn't condone it. That's their style isn't it?"


The DJs were actually welcomed to Moneygall for Super Tuesday in November and Ms Healy noted that Henry agreed to be interviewed on condition that they "didn't take the piss".

A spokesperson for the show has defended the pair, saying: "Anyone who listens expects the programme to be light-hearted. The jingle even says 'don't take us too serious'."

"Listeners expect some irreverence," she told the Herald, adding that the station has not received any official complaints.


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