Saturday 16 December 2017

Clinical gangland hit mirrored chilling scenes of John Boy's double-cross killing

IT WAS one of the most talked about TV moments last year -- and is now being compared to the city's latest gangland murder.

The scene in the penultimate episode of gangland series Love/Hate saw feared gang boss John Boy gunned down in a fatal double-cross while sitting in a pub.

This week's murder of Alan McNally in a Dublin pub is reminiscent of the brutal execution of the gang leader John Boy in the RTE series.

Like McNally, John Boy was shot in the head and left to die on the pub's floor as shocked customers looked on aghast.

A massive 659,000 viewers tuned in to see the drug-dealing gang leader go out with a bang after he realised too late that he had been set up by his loyal lieutenants Nidge and Darren.

John Boy, played by Aidan Gillen, was sitting in the pub alongside his cohorts, including heroin dealer Aido, whom he told Darren, played by Robert Sheehan, to shoot dead.

Viewers saw John Boy enjoy the craic with the lads alongside his friend and enforcer Nidge, played by Tom Vaughan Lawlor, who was constantly checking his phone throughout the nail-biting scene.

However, when gunman Darren entered the pub, he instead held the gun towards his boss John Boy, shooting him twice in the head.

Throughout the series, viewers saw the wealthy head of the gang spiral into a haze of distrust and paranoia as he installed CCTV cameras to watch every move at his penthouse apartment.

Cocaine addict John Boy admitted that he is "haunted" and trusts very few in his life.

He then puts a hit out on Aido, who is dealing heroin to his girlfriend Debbie, and gives the orders to two of his most loyal subjects.

But Nidge and Darren have other ideas.

Darren desperately wants to leave the seedy life of gangland crime in Dublin.

He has plans for a future with his girlfriend Rosie and begins to crave normality.

"I'm getting out of it. Once I've paid what I owe," he said. "I want kids, marriage."

And unbeknownst to viewers, Nidge has designs on the drug-dealing empire.


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