Friday 17 November 2017

Ciaran wows US viewers in new TV role as First Lady's lovecheat

ACTOR Ciaran Hinds' role in a new TV mini-series alongside Sigourney Weaver is winning him plaudits stateside.

THE Northern Ireland native (59) has landed a plum role in Political Animals -- a six episode show depicting philandering-but-popular former president, Bud Hammond.

Described by critics as the "Hillary Clinton Story", the show stars Sigourney Weaver (62) as former First Lady Elaine Barrish, who is Secretary of State after a failed bid for the presidency.

Hinds admits that the inspiration for the show comes from former US president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, who is current US Secretary of State.

"The research was minimal due to circumstances," Hinds explained.

"The people referred to, without making any impersonations, were Bill Clinton, because of some of the behavioural aspects of the character, but Lyndon B. Johnson as well because of the way he spoke."

Hinds' said his character is a mixture of good and bad and is described as a gifted politician who was once loved by the American public.

"Bud has struggled since his divorce from Elaine, and his out-of-office antics have caused a tumble in his popularity.

"He's very flawed, but he has a generous heart and a liberal agenda," said the actor.

A Belfast native with experience on stage, TV and film, Hinds says he always has "cast a wary eye" on politics.

"I think we follow them (American politics) and we keep an eye on different movements that happen apart from the presidency; an idea of who's in control, whether it be Republicans or Democrats and what their agendas are."

The eagerly anticipated series airs stateside this weekend.


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