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Charlotte's joy at transformation as she sheds 10lbs in a week

IT'S only just begun but RTE's hit weight loss show has already seen its first major transformation.

Viewers tonight will watch as thrilled Operation Transformation's Charlotte O' Connell discovers she has shed more than double her weekly weight target.

Charlotte (23) was the first on the scales for the weekly weigh in.

And she was over the moon to discover that she has lost 10.5lbs in her first week, more than double her target of 5lbs.

"I knew I'd lost weight because I was eating well and exercising, but I didn't realise how much," Charlotte said.

The pleasant surprise came on the back of a tough eye- opener for the Cavan native last week when no nonsense nutritionist Dr Eva Orsmond warned her to pull up her socks.

"I'm absolutely delighted and I worked really hard so I just have to keep up the effort," she said.

"I was hoping to hit my target and I would have been happy with that, but to reach 10 pounds is fantastic."


A delighted Dr Eva was one of the first to congratulate Charlotte, who works as a hotel housekeeper.

"I told you last week to cop on and you did so well done."

While Charlotte found her first week of Operation Transformation "easier than I expected" she admits that the journey is far from over.

"The bad news is its going to be hard to keep it up but I'm willing to try my best.

"I can only give it my best, so that's what I have done this week and I am hoping to continue it.

"I was very tempted to cheat when I wasn't being filmed, but I didn't. Yesterday, I was dying for some chocolate but I resisted."

The leaders were put through their first physical test last week when they underwent their the gruelling army challenge.

Each leader was given their own weight in sand bags, which they had to carry 50 metres to a net at a helicopter in Dublin's airbase, Baldonnel on Sunday.

The leaders battled windy and wet conditions as they struggled with the sand bags.

"It was tough, but it was very liberating to finish it," said Charlotte.

"It was an accomplishment getting the first week over and it was tough adjusting to everything.

"The sense of achievement's great -- but it doesn't stop me dreading next week," she added.

Dublin contestant Gavin Walker will also be weighed on tonight's Operation Transformation and was relieved to discover that he also had exceed his weight loss target.

The sixth series of the weight loss show continues tonight on RTE1 at 8.30pm.