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Celebrity Diary with Karen Koster: Today is my last show on Xpose, but I'm excited to start my maternity leave


Karen Koster and John Maguire

Karen Koster and John Maguire

Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy

Karen Koster and John Maguire

Today is my last show on Xpose and to be honest I'm definitely ready to slow down and take things at my own pace because in here, it's really busy.

We've all been saying in work that we've have "toy lag" since the toy show last week so I'm just wrecked. I'm really looking forward to putting my feet up when I need to.

It's definitely mixed emotions finishing up at Xpose today. We're such a tight little group and I've really enjoyed all the changes that the show has undergone since September with the live element now and new set.

It's been a really exciting few months, so I thought I'd feel conflicted but I think now that my body is telling me to slow down, I should listen to it so I'm fine about heading off for a few months.

With the toy show doing really well ratings-wise, I feel like I'm leaving on a really good note.

The last few weeks have been really busy and I think I was running on some sort of false energy and the adrenaline was keeping me going, but this week, I could feel that I was crashing so it's nice to see the finishing line.

It's like when you've got a holiday booked and you start feeling wrecked. As Lucy Kennedy said, "it's time to sit on your egg and wait for it to hatch".

Although I still have a lot to do - I have to blitz Mothercare and I want to do a big bulk shop and get enough washing powder to last me until next summer and little things like that.

Some of the baby books I've been reading make it seem like you're preparing for nuclear war and going down into a bunker but they do say to stock up the fridge so I really want to do that and buy a Christmas tree as well.

Some women can be superstitious about buying clothes and cribs before the baby is born but I'm almost full term so I think it's safe to start preparing fully.

But I've left a load of stuff until too late unlike a lot of mums-to-be.

I went to get my buggy and they told me that the order time was eight weeks and I only have six so go so I was like, "Are you joking me?". I probably should have started earlier.

I have two mates who already have young babies and two other friends are due right after me so we've been very lucky to be going through pregnancy together.

So touch wood everything goes well for all of us. It's really nice because we'll have a sort of ready made play group.

My best friend is due three weeks after me and if she went early and I went late we could be in the maternity ward together which would be mental but we'll have to wait and see.