Friday 24 November 2017

'Bombing on a TV panel show is a gross feeling,' says Maeve Higgins

Maeve Higgins
Maeve Higgins

She was hilarious on Naked Camera and has since appeared on TV with Amy Schumer, but funny woman Maeve Higgins said she still "bombs" on TV panel shows.

The Cork native said it's a "gross feeling" when audiences don't react to her jokes.

"I find British telly hard because it's very laddish, it's big shouting lads and that's not my style," she said. "One time I was on a panel show and the audience were completely allergic to whatever I offered.

"It's a really gross feeling, especially when it's televised," she added.

Maeve (34) is currently based in New York and has appeared on Inside Amy Schumer and has a monthly show with Jon Ronson called I'm New Here - Can You Show Me Around?

She said she's delighted Amy is using her fame to champion good causes.

"I'm a huge fan of hers and I love seeing other women in comedy being successful," she said.

"Not that she has to use her platform but she's spoken out about gun control, she's such a great feminist and that's really admirable to me."

While she loves her life in the Big Apple, the one thing that irritates her is the constant cat calling from men.

"It's huge in New York. If you're female, no matter how old you are or what you look like you will get yelled at by men," she told the Anton Savage Show on Today FM.


"It is really irritating. When I was out running, a guy shouted at me 'why don't you run to me, mammy?' He was lying on the ground smoking when he shouted at me.

"He would have had the fright of his life if I ran over to him but it's very hard to know how to respond," she added.

While she moved away three years ago, Maeve stayed close to her roots as she was a judge of the Best Irish Bachelor contest in Long Island.

"The lads were so sweet, they're all bar tenders living there for years and they do funny party pieces and talk about their ideal date," she said. "I asked one of them to describe their ideal partner and he just replied, 'female'."

Maeve's second book, Off You Go, Away From Home and Loving It, Sort Of is out now.

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