Monday 22 January 2018

Blame game over X Factor 'lost Irish votes' scandal

WHO is responsible for the Irish X Factor voting crisis?

The Herald first revealed that Irish viewers complained that they could not get through to the designated voting lines.

An estimated 75,000 X Factor fans accessed the website before ringing in their votes on the numbers they were given.

However, demand was so great that many fans reported that they were unable to get connected here.

And the unprecedented interest even prompted TV3 to notify viewers that the lines were "extraordinarily busy" and issued a reminder that the voting lines were open until the next day -- within minutes of it being opened.

Show bosses have now blamed the voting crisis on the TV3 website's server.


A spokeswoman for the X Factor said: "We haven't received any complaints. The phones weren't blocked up.

"But I think there was a note on the website saying it was slow due to high traffic.

"We have a very robust system to accommodate the interest. I think it was a case of the website traffic."

However, a TV3 spokeswoman has said that there was no problem with their website -- and emphasised the importance of patience.

Speaking to the Herald, a TV3 spokeswoman said: "In terms of problems with the station, we didn't have any. If you have thousands of people phoning the same phone line, please be patient.

"Everyone has 24 hours to do it. In any situation where there is a surge in phone lines, of course it's going to be busy. Mary [Byrne] has massive amount of support here," she said.

Although the station admitted there were delays in accessing the site due to the amount of visitors -- it has been put down to a lack of patience.


"It's just about being patient, if you can't get through now -- try again in 10 minutes. Everybody wants to get behind them, they want to get to see the Irish flag fly," she said.

TV3 will not be amending its system, in spite of the claims.

"There is nothing wrong with the website, it held up perfectly. We had no problem with servers, and if we do, we'll look into it.

"There is an incredible amount of volume voting for our three guys.

"If it keeps up, we'll have an Irish winner this year."


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