Thursday 14 December 2017

Betrayal, bloodshed and a double-cross - how Love/Hate ended with a bang

MORE than a million viewers saw a grief-stricken Lizzie pull the trigger on hitman Darren in the final episode of Love/Hate last night.

A shaven-headed Lizzie, put an end to the charmed existence of one of the show's most charismatic - and best-looking characters.

It was a fittingly twisted end to the gripping drama.

Doe-eyed Darren had dodged the bullet - literally and metaphorically - throughout the third series.

He'd grown increasingly unpredictable, switching from the cold calculating assassin who barely flinched before gunning down a young mother, to a moist-eyed sympathiser to a character who'd lost her much-loved brother.

He moved through the city, time and again giving the slip to the gardai or the hoods who were after him.

When he escaped with his lift after a gunman's weapon jammed in last night's finale, fans were confident that the intriguing Darren would live to brighten up series four.

The twist at the end lived up to fans' expectations of a high-octane series which kept viewers watching and guessing.

Earlier in the series, the female assassin had formed a close attachment to Darren after teaming up with him to help murder Elmo's cousin.

Since then, she had saved his life after he was almost shot dead in the fourth episode, and warned him that the Real IRA had him on "their list" due to his link with Git's death.


Viewers also saw Darren console Lizzie after her brother was found dead -- due to natural causes -- in last week's episode.

However, Darren shot dead Lizzie's second brother after foiling a kidnapping attempt on gang leader Nidge.

While the subject matter in the final episode Love/Hate was quite dark, behind the scenes the actors kept everything light-hearted.

Actor Laurence Kinlan posted some behind-the-scenes images of the final episode which sees actor Robert Sheehan (Darren) checking some footage in the car park where he is shot at by Elmo. "Isn't Darren a bleedin' dream boat," Laurence joked in the picture caption.

And amid all the double-crossing, meltdowns and shootings, actors Tom Vaughan Lawlor (Nidge), Peter Coonan (Fran) and Laurence (Elmo) managed to joke around behind the scenes.

The trio relaxed with some chocolate between takes - and Tom and Peter joked around pointing "guns" at Tom's head.


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