Tuesday 12 December 2017

Apprentice fired for 'not shouting'

Axed UK Apprentice candidate Joy Stefanicki has denied that she was fired because she took a back seat, saying she didn't make "good television".

The unemployed marketing and PR director said she became the second candidate to be told to leave because she didn't shout loudly enough. She said after her exit: "It's come across that I didn't particularly participate. The truth is that I didn't participate in the madness.

"I did participate but it probably didn't make such good television. I wasn't prepared to do it in a way that discredited myself."

"I think that when you go on a show like this you have to be aware of what you are doing. I would have been naive if I didn't realise it was entertainment and business."

The 31-year-old, from Birmingham, said that she was fired partly for business reasons.

But she said: "I was disappointed that the person who shouted the most loudly wins."

Stefanicki, who lost her "dream job" in New York and had to fly home when she was made redundant before signing up for The Apprentice, was fired after her team -- the girls led by Laura Moore -- failed to make a single sale of their product, a book stand for the beach.

Alan Sugar told Stefanicki: "There are people that come into this process who think they can just step back, don't say anything and don't do anything. They think if they don't put their head on the chopping block they'll escape. They do not escape.

"I haven't seen anything from you and neither have my two colleagues. Joy -- you're fired!"

Stefanicki said it was unlikely that romance would blossom in this year's series of the hit show.

She said: "There are hot boys in there but the women are more focused on who to stab in the back next rather than who they are going to kiss."


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