Friday 24 November 2017

Angela Scanlon: 'I was shocked how much Dawn O'Porter told me about her life'

Angela Scanlon
Angela Scanlon
Dawn O'Porter
Chris and Dawn

Angela Scanlon is now firm friends with Dawn O'Porter, but admitted she was surprised at how open she was about her life on her new show.

The flame-haired presenter spent 24 hours with Dawn - who is married to Hollywood actor Chris O'Dowd - in New York for her upcoming series Close Encounters.

"We got amazing access to her and she was so open, which was sort of surprising," Angela told the Diary.

"You imagine that someone like that becomes quite guarded because of the spotlight and the attention they get as a couple, but she was wonderfully open and generous about everything.

"There were aspects of her life that I didn't anticipate her opening up about either - she was brilliant.

"She lost her mum at a very early age and people will be surprised by how thoughtful and resilient she is, because a lot of people just think of her as Chris O'Dowd's missus.

"But she's got all of the things she does herself. She's got her own fashion line, she has an amazing book deal, she's a presenter and so many other things," she added.

Chris and Dawn

Chris O'Dowd and Dawn O'Porter


Angela (31) was the digital presenter for the last season of The Voice UK and said comparisons between her and fellow Irish presenter Laura Whitmore are inevitable.

"Laura is Irish and I'm Irish and we're both female, so I think it's an obvious comparison," she said.

"In terms of the work that I do, it's radically different to what Laura does. Anyone who watches us will realise the differences are more significant than the similarities."

Angela is currently shooting the new series of Getaways in Marbella with her co-presenter Joe Lindsay.

The travel show airs on both RTE and BBC One and Angela said she's enjoying working on the other side of the pond.

"I love working at home, but I'm based in the UK right now," she said.

"Channels over there are open to Irish talent who are seen as 'fresh faces' but have a body of work behind them and the experience that means they're less risky.

"I think the TV industry is incredible in Ireland and being in the UK makes you realise how good it is."

Despite exposure from TV shows like Full Frontal and Oi, Ginger!, Angela said she doesn't get recognised very often.

"I usually look like a hobo so I can go under the radar," she said.

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