Tuesday 12 December 2017

Angela Scanlon: 'I have to tone down my Irish accent on British TV'

Angela Scanlon pictured at the RTÉ2 new season launch. Picture Andres Poveda
Angela Scanlon pictured at the RTÉ2 new season launch. Picture Andres Poveda

Angela Scanlon admitted she sometimes has to tone down her Irish accent when she's working on British TV.

The Meath native is a TV regular here and got her break in the UK as the digital presenter on BBC One's The Voice last year.

"Rightly or wrongly we're seen as a region which I fight against but I'm sometimes told I need to tweak certain things, intonations or pronunciations," she told the Herald.

"And I speak slightly more slowly which makes me sound like I'm speaking more correctly I suppose, but I have no intention of getting rid the accent.

"One time I was saying the word 'now' on The Voice and I don't know if that's a weird pronunciation for Ireland in general but the cameraman started laughing and he said 'sorry that was very Irish'.

"And so I did it again and again and I realised I didn't think I was doing anything wrong. So I did it in an English accent and brought it on from there so it's kind of annoying sometimes but it's all part of the job," she added.


There'll be no accent changes in her new show as Angela (31) spends 24 hours with five different celebrities for documentary series Close Encounters on RTE2.

While one star has yet to be revealed, Angela has "ran away to the circus" with comedian Jason Byrne, had the chats in a boat in Central Park with Dawn O'Porter, got into bed with Katie Hopkins and visited WWE wrestling star Sheamus.

"Katie Hopkins is known as 'the biggest bitch in Britain' and she's a really interesting character," Angela said.

"I've always been intrigued by her and curious about whether it's a persona versus reality and she's a ball of contradictions, but I certainly tackled her in places."

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