Tuesday 22 May 2018

After the Christmas treats, I'm back on track for 2013 says Operation star Natalie

A YEAR on from her transformation, Dubliner Natalie Cox is reaping the benefits of her impressive weight loss.

The 2011 Operation Transformation leader enjoyed herself this Christmas, but the young mum only allowed herself a few treat days as she tried to keep going with her weight loss.

Natalie (25) has lost more than three stone in under a year since beginning her diet regime on the fifth series of Operation Transformation.

"I always have to be careful so I enjoyed myself over Christmas, but I did watch what I ate," Natalie told the Herald.

In order to escape the Christmas bulge, Natalie decided to splurge over key festive dates and then maintained her healthy eating regime for the remainder of the holidays.

"I'd already put on one pound so I tried to curb the Christmas splurge, but it's hard," said the mum to five-year-old Josh.

"I had a plan that kept me sane through all the Christmas parties and sausage rolls and finger food. On Christmas Eve and Stephen's Day I allowed myself some treats.

"And on Christmas Day I had whatever I wanted -- as much as I could stuff in there before going back to normal for the other days," added Natalie, from Dolphin's Barn, Dublin.

Natalie, who originally weighed over 16 stone when she began Operation Transformation, is now down to 13 stone.

But Natalie, who is happily loved up with her boyfriend Michael, says that she is still not where she wants to be in terms of her weight.

She has set her ideal weight at 10 and a half stone, and hopes to hit that goal this year.

"I feel very attractive now compared to where I was and when I go out now boys actually look at me.

"But I'm still not where I want to be and I'll have to wait until next year, although that's probably a good thing as it will keep me motivated," added Natalie.

She is due back in the gym on January 2 as she hopes for more weight loss in 2013.

Natalie's lifestyle has changed to such an extent that she even completed the Dublin City Marathon in October.

"I've had an amazing year," Natalie told the Herald.

"I've had so much fun.

"I'm so much healthier and happier and I've had one of the best years of my life."


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