Thursday 21 March 2019

A million Gerry diet fans go online

Gerry Ryan's TV mission to slimline the nation is proceeding with staggering results.

The Operation Transformation website has received more than a million hits since the hugely popular series returned to our screens.

The RTE show, which sees host Gerry Ryan and reporter Evelyn O'Rourke along with the three fitness, health and diet experts helps six 'leaders' transform their health and lifestyle, has inspired thousands of viewers to follow the plan.

Although the programme, now in its second season, airs to a huge audience just once a week, its daily updated website is reaping additional benefits with massive hits as people tune in for the latest exercising tips, recipes and motivational pep talks.

Speaking to the Herald about the success of the programme and the website, Evelyn said: "The figures have increased by 41pc on last year. There are two reasons why it is so successful. The first is because people know from last year that it actually works and secondly it's free.

"The diet industry is a multi-million dollar industry and this programme shows people how to change their lifestyles without costing them anything.


"We're really proud of it," she said, adding that everyone involved in the making of the show was delighted by the number of viewers also following the plan.

"Weight-loss is just one of those things. But what's key to us is that you at home have access to everything the people on the show have access to. They are just the leaders. It's back to the basics; simple, cheap and fun."

Evelyn also spoke of the importance of the interactive Operation Transformation website. "We do a different show everyday online and a huge amount of work goes into the website. It's a totally new way of public service broadcasting.

"We keep inviting people to contact us about their own amazing success stories. We are very confident we should hit the 2m mark by the end of the series.

"People trust us, trust the food plan and trust the exercises. Gerry fans trust him and we don't gloss over how difficult and how painful some of the things are.

"I know the difference losing weight made to me in my life. I lost 2.5 stone two years ago," she added.

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