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Tubs gives homeless mother a voice

BROADCASTER Ryan Tubridy is fast becoming the nation’s agony uncle of the airwaves, after consoling a homeless mother of three on his radio show.

Listeners heard the 40-year-old RTE presenter lend an ear and offer support to a distressed parent, who called in after appearing on the Late Late Show to speak about her family’s plight.

Maggie Stapleton (30) broke down in tears as she told 2fm’s Ryan that her local authority put her and her young kids into a city centre hostel.

They were living in rented accommodation until their landlord decided to sell the property and Maggie said she couldn’t find another place that would accept her rent allowance.

After going to her local authority for help, they informed her she had to become homeless before they could step in.

The mother, who confronted Taoiseach Enda Kenny about her situation when he was out canvassing in Dublin recently, is now based in temporary shelter consisting of just one bedroom with her children, aged between 10 months and six years old.

“They put me up in a hotel in Blanchardstown and they had me there for a week and two days,” she told Tubridy.

“They rang me up on the Thursday saying I had to leave the hotel. They told me I was going down to the North Circular Road.

“I had an absolute meltdown on the phone, roaring and crying, because I had a feeling the place they were putting me in was the way it is now.

“I don’t drive and I had to arrange lifts to leave the hotel. I had three large suitcases, clothes, everything, and had to take it all out of the hotel with three kids and go down to this place.


“When I first walked in, the building was empty because it only opened over a month ago. The whole place was empty and it’s like a horror story.”

Offering some comfort to Maggie, Ryan sympathised with her situation and commended her on speaking out about the issue.

“It’s like something out of the tenements in the early part of the last century, it’s outstanding that you have the ability and bravery and strength of character to come on and talk - you’re amazing,” he said.

“You’re giving a voice to so many people who can’t get that together.”

It comes days after Ryan made the headlines when he told a man who admitted on his radio programme to beating his wife that he would have broken his legs.

The host could not hide his disgust as a man named Chris spoke of violently attacking his spouse until she thought she had a broken bone. Ryan took over the morning 2fm slot after DJ Gerry Ryan’s in 2010.