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Trump tells RTE’s Sean off over quiff quiz


Donald Trump. Photo:Ap

Donald Trump. Photo:Ap

Donald Trump. Photo:Ap

Donald Trump gave RTE broadcaster Sean O’Rourke a dressing down after the Radio One host asked him about his hair live on air.

The American billionaire was in Ireland to see his latest acquisition, the Doonbeg golf resort in Co Clare, and sat down with Portlaoise-born O’Rourke for a one-on-one interview about his vision for the place.

But things didn’t go according to plan when the former News at One presenter asked about the 67-year-old’s distinctive quiff, which has been the subject of countless quips.

Although Trump remained calm during the interview, saying his hair is real and that he doesn’t worry about toupee jibes any more, he reprimanded O’Rourke after the programme ended.

A source said Trump - who wore a red cap even when he was indoors - initially tried to barge back into the temporary studio while the show was still on-air, but was unsuccessful.

He did however, have a rant afterwards.

An insider said the Celebrity Apprentice boss stormed up to O’Rourke in front of several other guests and told him off for his line of questioning.

“Sean and his team were getting a photograph taken on the steps outside Doonbeg afterwards and someone called over to Donald to ask him to join them,” a source said.

“Instead, he just marched over with about 10 people from his entourage and started giving out in front of everybody.

“He began demanding to know why Sean felt it necessary to ask about his hair - he was livid, so it’s clearly a very sensitive subject for him.

“He said, Sean, do you think that was an appropriate question?’, and all Sean could do was say, Yes, of course - there is no such thing as a bad question’.


“A lot of people started looking around at that point feeling awkward, and then Donald shouted, I thought you were a nice man’, before stomping off towards a helicopter. It was a really bizarre incident.”

An RTE spokesperson told

“Donald was not happy with Sean’s line of questioning, but it was Sean’s job to ask those hard questions and they are what everyone wanted to know,” the spokesperson said.

“He knows he was asking what people wanted to know and he prepared well for the interview.

“When they met on the golf course afterwards, Donald said to him, Look, if I were you I would’ve done the same thing’, and they left it at that, parting on good terms.”