Sunday 17 December 2017

Top model Louise O'Reilly: I was bullied in school over my size


Louise O'Reilly
Louise O'Reilly

Model Louise O'Reilly is building her profile internationally, telling the Diary that she's now signed up with eight agencies worldwide.

 But she also revealed that she suffered taunts from bullies in her school-going years.

"When I first started I never thought I would say that sentence," the curvy blonde revealed.

She has come a long way since her teenage days when modelling bosses advised her to lose weight if she wanted to pursue her dreams.

Luckily for Louise, she is able to cast internationally from the comfort of home but she confessed that dodgy phone and internet connections can make things a bit awkward.

Often she has to record her catwalk videos at home and send them to potential clients, but some people prefer to do it live.

"If the screen slows down or the connection goes and your face freezes it's not the most flattering thing in the world," she said laughing.

"It sounds so glamorous having eight agencies but it's hard- it's about keeping everybody happy," she said.

Her latest signing is with an agency in Milan - a huge coup for the bubbly Dubliner.

"You wouldn't think of it as being a curvy industry but I've had really positive feedback so far," she said.

Germany, she said, is typically her number one country for bookings, with lots of catalogue work on offer there.

"I am amazed by how much the industry is changing. They are seeing how curves and diversity in body shape is really important," the plus size model commented.

"My agency in Barcelona has girls on the books now who are Victoria Secret models."

The 26-year-old has been working on camera for six years and last year featured in style bible Vogue Italia.

Bosses at the Italian fashion magazine called her a "striking beauty, with killer style", something her Irish fans had long known.

Irish fashionistas will soon be seeing a lot more of the Malahide native as she is working on a new TV project due to hit screens in April.

Though she is reluctant to reveal too much, she has promised that fans will get an insight into her world as a model and a body image activist.

Recently Louise opened up about her difficult teenage years when she was sometimes bullied about her size.

She admitted that she used to look up jokes on the internet because she thought that it was the best way to impress people.

"I didn't think I had any chance of being pretty so I wanted to be funny," she confessed.

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