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Today FM’s Anton admits he worries about job and loves his tracker mortgage 'like a child'


Anton Savage

Anton Savage

Anton Savage

He presents one of the country’s most popular morning radio shows, but Anton Savage still worries about work.

The Today FM star (38) landed one of the most listened-to slots on the airwaves when he took over from Ray D’Arcy.

However, the broadcaster said even after getting his new show, he still frets about his future.

“Personally it’s great,” he said.

“So many people in the station had been so nice to me over the years, it was good to be able to say ‘I got a big gig. Thanks for the support’.

“Financially, it’s good while it lasts, but you can’t forget the whole thing is suspended on a hair,” he told the Sunday Times.

The popular presenter also revealed how he earned hundreds most nights while working in a restaurant when he was young.

While working in a lavish resort in the US, Savage benefited from wealthy customers leaving him generous tips.

“I was a waiter in a fancy resort town north of San Francisco,” he said.

“It paid like you would not believe. I would regularly walk away with $500 (€440) a night in tips.”


However, the former Apprentice: You’re Fired presenter revealed his money matters got tougher when the recession hit. He said he still has debts after it.

“I bought shares several years ago, and they account for my boom-time debts,” he said.

“I have never seen so many ‘experts’ deliver negative or marginal returns. As an amateur, I only invest in a certainty.”

Savage also admitted that buying property left him out of pocket.

“The only thing I salvaged was a tracker mortgage. I love it like a child,” he joked.

However, despite his debts, the Dublin broadcaster managed to keep his head above water during the bust.

“In the peak of the recession I had to keep a lot of plates spinning, but none fell,” he said.