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the irish who went to 'nam

Documentary about Irish citizens who fought and died while serving with US forces in the Vietnam War, and the stories of some of those who survived. Former tank gunner Michael Coyne goes on an emotional journey back to the Cambodian border, where he meets Viet Cong veteran Le Van Tung and is confronted by the legacy of his involvement in the conflict.

arrested development

confessions of a copper

CH4, 10pm

New series. With the onset of increasingly strict regulations, health-and-safety rules and political correctness, this series looks at whether many professionals have lost the respect and authority they once held dear, as ordinary police officers, GPs and secretaries lift the lid on their working lives. In the first programme, eight police officers describe how they feel life in the force has changed for ever, as they trace the arrival of the panda patrol car, the integration of women, the riots of the late 1970s and early '80s, and seismic shifts in Britain's ethnic and economic make-up.

on the right track

great continental railway journeys

BBC2, 9pm

Michael Portillo uses his 1913 copy of Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide to explore Poland. He begins in the capital Warsaw, where he takes to the floor to dance to one of Chopin's polonaises, before discovering how the former industrial city of Lodz supplied the vast Russian empire of the early 20th century. He then heads to Poznan and rides one of the few remaining steam-powered commuter trains.


posh pawn

channel 4, 8pm

The arrival of a life-sized suit of armour and matching horse amuses staff at the new Hatton Garden shop, while MD James takes a trip down a canal on a barge that a businessman is looking to secure a loan against.

The entrepreneurs pack their passports and head to the American Embassy to get the lowdown on their latest challenge - to come up with advertising campaigns for soft drinks and pitch them to experts in New York. However, with half the teams having to stay behind in London to create and brand the drinks, a power struggle soon ensues to get a seat on the plane.

Once the creatives are in the Big Apple, they use familiar landmarks as the backdrops for their TV adverts. Eventually, the time comes to present their projects to a room full of high-flying executives and drinks industry experts - but it's back in the boardroom with Alan Sugar (inset) that it really matters.