Tuesday 12 December 2017


WHEN Donna Kennedy (28) graduated in psychology from UCG and did her post-grad in counselling, one of the first things she did was open her own psychology/motivational practice at the tender age 23. Then, following advice from a friend, she invested in an apartment in Budapest.

The psychologist and property investor has since bought her home in Maynooth, and has invested in four other properties here.

She was interviewed on Seoige and O'Shea about her rise on the property ladder, and has since written a guide for young property investors, which will be published next year.

And now she wants to share her secrets for getting ahead with other young people who are seeking opportunities in a credit crunch.


Donna says: "To do all this it meant finding time, so I gave up watching TV. Realising how much extra time it gave me, I have never gone back to watching it.

"I value my time so much more now and use it as constructively as possible. It also means I get to spend more time with friends and family and I do things I want, such as dancing and travelling.

"Plus I also love making a difference in people's lives -- I strongly feel that giving back to people is important. It's part of my whole success philosophy, and in this regard I partake in events that raise money for charity," she adds.

The young psychologist and businesswoman continues: "Learning how to get results is my passion, and I have attended hundreds of seminars and events on motivation, self-development and business.

"I frequently meet up with very successful people who inspire and motivate me.

"I strongly believe that the people around you predict the results you attain in life. So I make sure to learn from the best," she says.

"This often requires having a bit of neck and using different approaches to get access to people, ultimately with the aim of meeting them for a coffee and picking their brains.

"I even wrote a handwritten letter or two, something primitive in this day and age. In an Irish context, Bill Cullen was one of the recipients," she says.

Donna co-founded Empire Events Ireland with the aim to give the public access to successful business people, and to bring international business motivational speakers to Dublin.

She is currently organising "Ireland's biggest and best-ever wealth creation event", to take place in the RDS from February 6-8 (www.thinkandgetrichboot camp.com).

In these hard times, Donna feels there's more of a need than ever for international multi-millionaires to come to Dublin and share their 'wealth strategies' with us.

Here are her top tips for accumulating wealth:

Don't let the fear of losing money, fear of failure, fear of other's reactions or fear of the unknown stop you. By being wealthy you are putting yourself in the best position to help other people and spend time with the people you care about.

Follow your passion. Write your goals down in detail and put a time frame on their achievement. See the successful outcome in your mind's eye, as though you've already achieved it. Read your goals every day.

The people around you will predict who you become and for the most part what results you get. Surround yourself with positive people who will support you in achieving your goals and who get results themselves. Having a small team that believes 100pc in what you are doing is far greater than having a large team who haven't a clue. Success breeds success.

Learn about money management and investing. Attend wealth seminars, read books and listen to CDs. Learn something new every day.

What you don't see, you don't want to use. Set up an automatic direct debit into a separate account, where a percentage (10pc) of your pay cheque is automatically put aside. You may think you can't afford it, but when you do it you will find you can.

The sooner you start investing, the more time you give yourself to accumulate wealth. Don't wait until you're 65 to find out a pension doesn't provide for a comfortable lifestyle.

A successful business is one that gives people what they are looking for. Find what's missing and provide the service. Fill the gap in the market.

It is only through action that things happen. And now is the time to take action. It may mean stepping outside your comfort zone every once in a while. But everything you do well now involved stepping outside your comfort zone at some point.

True wealth involves giving as well as receiving, and being grateful for what you have. No matter how much you have, always give part of it to someone less fortunate. Giving attracts success to you.

Even if at times things are difficult or nothing seems to be happening, persist and persevere with passion until you achieve your goals. There's always sun behind the clouds. Be patient and do what you need to in this moment to make the next moment brilliant.

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