Monday 18 December 2017

Suits you Roz - model puts final touches to her collection

You may not be able to look like a top model - but here's your chance to dress like one.

Former Miss Universe Roz Purcell (24) has revealed how she's busy putting the final touches to her debut suit collection which is due out in mid-September.

And she insists that the form-fitting ensembles are not just for models like her and Sarah Morrissey - the suits can be tailored especially for the client.

"They're going to come in five different colours and you can customise them differently to have them tight-fitting or a bit looser," she said.

"You can also customise them by having a different coloured lapel to suit your own style."

She explained how she used to design her own clothes when she was a little girl but doesn't take a hands-on approach when it comes to physically putting her designs together.

"No, I'm happy to leave that to the professionals and just concentrate on the design element of things," she added.

Someone who relishes being busy, she said she likes having "fingers in lots of pies" as she sets her sights on ambitions beyond modelling.

The Roz by Scribe of London received some nice pre-publicity when Sarah Morrissey opted to wear one of her royal blue suits to help judge the Miss Ireland contest recently.

But it seems this wasn't the first time that the Liberties beauty wore the outfit. She also wore it the day after she tied the knot with new hubby Pat Jennings Jnr in Italy.

"She was looking for something to wear the day after she got married and she was great to wear it again for Miss Ireland. I thought it looked amazing on her," Roz continued.

Despite her designer commitments, Roz has also been busy modelling this summer.


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