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Start a family? For now I'd rather front a sports quiz on RTE, says Jacqui


Jacqui Hurley. Photo by Kyran O'Brien

Jacqui Hurley. Photo by Kyran O'Brien

Jacqui Hurley. Photo by Kyran O'Brien

THE baby plans are on hold for RTE sports presenter Jacqui Hurley.

The 28-year-old says she is enjoying her marriage and focusing on a TV move before she starts thinking about the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

"Everyone asks me if I want to have babies," she exclaims.

"Yes, at some point in the future, but no time soon; maybe in a year or so, but definitely not now. But this is a big year for me – there are a lot of things I would like to do before I have a family. We're just married after all."

Jacqui wed her long-term boyfriend Shane McMahon last June, and says married life has been a blast and a blur.

"Married life has been great so far," she told the Diary. "We're only nearly a year, but it's brilliant; it's been a bit of a whirlwind, to tell you the truth. There was so much going on last year but so far, so good – I've no complaints."

The Cork native says she wants to focus on travel and developing her career. Jacqui currently presents on RTE Radio 1 and sports bulletins on RTE News, but says she would love to front a sports quiz show alongside other RTE female sports fiends.

"I would love to do a sports quiz show. I always loved A Question Of Sport and I think A League Of Their Own on Sky is great. I don't know if RTE has the budget to do a show on that size and scale, but if it did I would be the first girl in the line," she laughs.

"They could do a strong female panel. There are a lot of us girls into sports. RTE has always been very aware of the market and what people want to watch. Me, Grainne Seoige, Kathryn Thomas, Evanne Ni Chuilinn are all into sports."



The vivacious presenter was speaking at the CRY Pure Style Fashion Luncheon and says she loves showing off her girly side.

"I've been patron of CRY for a couple of years now. I'm usually surrounded by men and obviously that's a side that really appeals to me.

"But dressing up and doing something girly is nice, because it's a fun side of my character that I don't get to show that often."

But Jacqui has no intention of moving into the fashion world.

"I like putting on a dress, but it's not a career move or anything like that. I'm fairly understated in my style – I'll never be winning the best-dressed. I prefer to blend into the crowd."