Tuesday 22 January 2019

Simon takes TV career in new direction

THE cameras are still rolling for Simon Delaney, but for now the Dublin actor is taking up residence behind the scenes.

With 15 years' experience on-screen, the actor reckons he has picked up enough tips to run not one, but two new production companies.

One will focus on feature-length documentaries and the other on TV commercials.

From Bachelor's Walk to Tinseltown, where he starred alongside Vince Vaughan and Jack Reynor in Delivery Man last year, his extensive career has left little for the Lusk man to conquer.

But the funny-man is keen to move into something a little more serious.

Simon's days fronting RTE documentaries convinced him that it is something he wants to do more of.

"Documentaries are always something that have been close to my heart, I love the whole expanse of telling stories," he told the Herald.

One of the first projects as part of his new venture is a sports feature documentary about the Irish contribution to baseball.


"It's called Saints, Sinners and Sluggers and the tagline of the show is how the Irish transformed America's national pastime," he revealed.

The feature will tell the stories of seven Irish people who made a big difference to the famous game - including the first woman to play in the major leagues.

The dad of three also had words of warning for his Moone Boy co-star Chris O'Dowd as the Roscommon-born actor faces fatherhood.

Simon (42) cautioned his friend that his Hollywood lifestyle will come grinding to a halt when baby O'Dowd arrives.

"It's over, good luck. He may as well just buy a house in Cavan, come home and forget about Hollywood," he joked.

O'Dowd has enjoyed huge success Stateside and his star is still rising - but his pal reckons that changing nappies will bring him back to earth with a bang.

"It's about time he has had a bit of responsibility in his life, he has been living the dream for far too long," Simon laughed.

"I'm delighted, he needs a bit of order in his life with his gallivanting around Broadway and Hollywood - changing nappies that's what he needs."

Joking aside, the jolly actor said he is absolutely thrilled for his friend.

"I'm delighted for them, they're a great couple," he said.

News of the O'Dowd-O'Porter baby came via a whacky at-home ice-bucket challenge video and Simon said that he found out just like everyone else.

"He didn't ring me, I found out on Twitter, where you get most of your news nowadays," he said.


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