Monday 11 December 2017

Sile Seoige: 'I couldn't care less if critics think I'm pants in I, Keano role'

Sile Seoige
Sile Seoige
Sile Seoige aka Surfia at rehersals for smash hit comedy I, Keano

Sile Seoige is set to make her theatre debut in I, Keano when it returns to the Olympia Theatre – and she’s not worried about the critics.

Sile (35) will play Surfia, who is loosely based on Niall Quinn’s wife Gillian, in the hilarious musical and said she’s excited about taking to the stage.

“I was very giddy coming in to do this – it’s a real thrill for me because I haven’t been on a stage like this since I was in school,” she told the Herald. 

“I never got to see this show before so I’ve been enjoying hearing it properly in the read-through.

“Surfia is very clever – she has some ideas up her sleeve about how to sort the mess out.

“She’s behind Quinness and wants him to shine and reach his potential.”

Keano 021.jpg
Sile Seoige aka Surfia at rehersals for smash hit comedy I, Keano

Sile released a charity single at Christmas and says she’s excited that she’s been given the opportunity to sing on stage. 

“When I did sketches on The Republic of Telly, even though I was doing a parody of myself, I loved acting,” she said. 

“I realised that I wanted to play a bit more. I find it liberating, and you get to be a kid again.

“I’m delighted they’ve taken a leap of faith with me and I’m going to give it my best shot.”

Sile said the critics don’t worry her. 

“It remains to be seen how it will be perceived, but I will certainly give it my all,” she said.

“I’m not worried about the reviewers.

“I’m already pretty sure there will be varying opinions and there will probably be those who say that I’m pants – that’s okay and I’m prepared for either.

“If someone says I give the most amazing portrayal of the role known to man or the worst they’ve ever seen, I’ll take both in the same way – not really at all.

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t get out of bed in the mornings and I’ve learnt, through years in the media, to take the good and the bad exactly the same – which is nothingness.

I, Keano opens on March 28.


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