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Saoirse swops sc-fi for Cinderella

OSCAR-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan has the lead role in Stephanie Meyers' sci-fi thriller The Host, but she may swap her action hero role for a glass slipper.

The 18-year-old actress is in the running for the lead role in an upcoming Disney adaptation of Cinderella.

Anna Karenina star Alicia Vikander and British actress Gabriella Wilde are also up for the coveted role.

Cate Blanchett (43) is said to be in negotiations to play the evil stepmother.

It will certainly be a departure for the Carlow native who most recently played a blood-sucking vampire in Neil Jordan's Byzantium and has just finished filming The Host.

The Host was penned by Twilight author Meyer and is predicted to be as big as the vampire franchise.

The sc-fi drama follows the battle of Earth's last remaining inhabitants against alien parasites, who are on a mission to take over the planet.

Cast as renegade teenager Melanie Stryder, Saoirse even performed her own stunts on set and said: "I like doing my own stunts because it's always going to look more realistic. There's one stunt where I just jump off a balcony. They just put me in a harness."

And Saoirse said the cast and crew used to place bets on whether or not she would be able to perform the difficult moves. "Apparently they were having bets that I wouldn't do it and I proved them all wrong," she said.

"It's just been lovely, a lot of fun," she said about her new role. "I want everyone to be able to enjoy it. Hopefully the fans of Twilight -- the film and the book -- will go see it."

The film also features Saoirse's first saucy on- screen kiss. She locks lips with hunky co-star Max Irons, the son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack, in the pouring rain in the middle of the desert.

But Saoirse will be ditching the steamy love scenes and high-flying stunts in favour of a glass slipper and tiara if she bags the title role of Cinderella.