Monday 18 December 2017

Sandcastles fit for a king go on show

IT is far better than anything seen on the beaches during the recent heatwave.

Proving that sand and castles really are the perfect match, the upper courtyard in the grounds of Dublin Castle will showcase a striking 
exhibition of sand art until August 21.

The three giant sculptures took seven days to carve and the results are breath-taking.

Duthain Dealbh (Fleeting Sculpture), the collective behind the exhibition, was delighted to have such 
magnificent surrounding to inspire its work.

The two Irish sculptors invited a Belgian artist to join them for a week and for him to create a piece of his very own.

Engeurrand MacDavid drew on the capital's famous Georgian architecture when he picked up his carving tools last week.

"I'm delighted to come here and I hope that I get to come back and do something like this here again," he said.


"It's a mixture of three 
Georgian arches intersecting, which I wanted to use to 
represent the belief that white is a mixture of all the colours."

This year's theme is black, white and grey, and each of the pieces represents the artist's take on one of the colours.

Letting Go, the most intricate of the large sculptures, was designed by Daniel Doyle.

"It's been great working in Dublin Castle. It's a gem tucked away in the middle of the city and the response for the public has been great so far," the talented artist told the Herald.

His colleague Niall Magee explains it is very much an art form that only a small group is capable of.

"We've been carving all day during the week and we have just seven days to get finished," he said.

The exhibition is already drawing crowds of passers-by who are blown away by the work.

And if inspiration happens to strike, there are miniature sand pits for children to try their hand at sculpting.


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