Sunday 20 January 2019

RTE's Keelin 'can't wait' for TV return

HER TV show returns to the small screen next week and broadcaster Keelin Shanley made the most of her summer away from RTE.

The Morning Edition host, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and underwent a mastectomy and intense chemotherapy, headed overseas with her family to unwind before getting back in front of the cameras.

The Monkstown native, her husband Conor Ferguson and their two children jetted over to Austria for an extended break - but unlike RTE colleagues Kathryn Thomas and Miriam O'Callaghan, Keelin was not soaking up the sunshine.

She and her family opted to go to Salzburg, Austria instead of a beach side resort.

"We were up where there was snow in July, it was amazing," the TV and radio anchor said.

"The kids were throwing snowballs, we could get the ski lifts up to the top of the mountains and then walk across, it was just magical."


With two young children, Keelin said she was grateful they were both too small to understand the seriousness of cancer when she broke the news to them initially.

"They were young enough that they would believe me - I said it would be fine and they believed me," she said.

Now back to full health following her cancer battle, Keelin's currently preparing for a sixth season of The Consumer Show, as well as the return of Morning Edition to RTE One on weekdays. And this time around it's a bigger operation.

"I'm really looking forward to getting back," Keelin said, speaking to the RTE Guide.

"The first year was very much, 'get it out, get it on air, keep it safe', but now, we know how to do it and we can think about it a bit more.

"It's a great team and we have more people joining us this year," she added.

"We have a host of new voices on it - we have gone out and found new people, young people. You know you have found some great people when you tune into the radio and hear them on another show a couple of weeks later," she said.

The Dubliner, who previously worked as a reporter on Prime Time and regularly fills in for Sean O'Rourke on Radio One, insisted she does not miss her previous investigative post on the programme.

"It's like anything, it's a career progression," she said.


"Reporting was wonderful, I had some amazing experiences, really amazing.

"But this is also an exciting job and almost everything I see in reality that I think is interesting, I can always find somewhere to put it - either Morning Edition or The Consumer Show," she added.


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