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Ronan wants to lift curtain on Boyzone


Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating has revealed that he would love to see a musical based on Boyzone's story.

The singer is currently starring as Guy in Once, The Musical in London's West End and admits he would love to see the story of the Irish boyband played out on stage.

"I've always thought the story of the band would make a great musical or film so hopefully one day that could happen," said Ronan.

"It would be great to find five up and coming young actors from Dublin to play us."

And the Swords native also revealed that his band mates have been really supportive of his new stage role.

"They've been really supportive as we always are with each others solo projects. I can't wait for them to come and see the show."

Ronan (37) had his West End debut last week and admits that while he found being on stage easy to deal with, he finds playing the guitar tough.

"There's a lot of guitar playing in the role of Guy so that has been the biggest challenge by far," he told What's On Stage magazine.

"Being on stage feels comfortable to me but I'm expecting this to be a whole new experience to my usual solo and Boyzone gigs."

And while he has settled into his new stage role, Ronan previously admitted that he was nervous to be taking on the role.

"It's really scary to be honest, because I guess there's a lot expected of me," he said.

But despite his nerves, the critics were raving about his performance and he received a standing ovation on his first night.

Speaking about swapping a concert for a musical, he said: "To be honest, I actually never thought I would do the West End, but it's this role that excited me and made me want to do it.


"It has great dialogue, great direction. And great songs ... my God the songs. It's hard to call it a musical. It's not really a musical, it's more like a play with great songs," he added.

Ronan believes Once is still so popular because it has so many different elements to it.

"From the moment that the audience are allowed to step onstage and actually have a beer on the set, that is incredibly unique," he said.

"So from that moment on to the ensemble being the band, rather than a band in the pit, to this great dialogue and the humour and then the songs. It's so layered, there are so many elements."

Keating also said he may release studio versions of his performances in the musical.

"There might be live recordings along the way. I don't really know what the plan will be right now. We're just getting the show ready for people to come and see," he added.