Saturday 16 December 2017

Romance is dead... and Elmo's digging the grave

Laurence Kinlan as Elmo
Laurence Kinlan as Elmo
Charlie Murphy as Siobhan and Tom Vaughan Lawlor as Nidge
Charlie Murphy as Siobhan and Johnny Ward as Pauley

THINGS are taking a nasty turn again this week in Love/Hate as new pictures emerged of Elmo setting about digging a body-sized hole.

Tensions have been running high so far this season as kingpin Nidge grows increasingly angry about Siobhan's blossoming relationship with his nemesis Pauley.


Nidge is furious when he and Elmo spot the pair cosying up and holding hands in the club and he confronts Siobhan about it later when she is out of it on drugs or drink.

Siobhan won't take any nonsense from the ruthless gangster and stands up to him.

Their tense exchange is followed by images of Siobhan teetering on the very edge of a high building overlooking the city.

But is it Siobhan or her beau who is in the firing line? Could it be that the double-crossing temptress has been found out?

It remains a mystery who will fall foul of Nidge's wrath this week and end up in the ground thanks to Elmo's gardening skills.

However, looking worn out in the pictures, it seems the gangster could do with improving his upper body strength if the body count is going to rise throughout the season.





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