Monday 11 December 2017

Robert Plant left me scared out of my wits

OUR gig at Glastonbury was massive for us - it was one of the biggest crowds we've ever had the pleasure to play for.

It was absolutely awesome getting to play at the festival last weekend with so many established and experienced acts.

Obviously you get nervous playing in front of 40,000 people - if you stopped getting nervous that'd be bad. I like to think everyone gets a little nervous.

We saw some incredible acts, but Paolo Nutini was one of the best on stage over the few days in my view.

You do see some cool people milling around backstage and we bumped into Jack White and Robert Plant (inset), who are idols of ours. Robert talked to us and it was hilarious, we all just stood there scared out of our wits.

We barely have any time off these days, but we're getting to tour around the world and that's amazing. That's exactly what you want as a musician.

We're getting to do something we adore, while seeing the world.

We know we're very lucky.

Last year we did 300 gigs, so it's been busy and that really is a wonderful thing.

As a group we're definitely a lot more confident on stage now.

We still have a long way to go and we know that, but compared to four years ago when we probably would've been terrified, we're more in control and comfortable.

We've grown as a band.

People relate to music in different ways and tracks that are personal to us then become personal to everyone else in some way when you sing them.

I sing from the place where I wrote them.

They connect with the songs too and that's the whole idea of song-writing.

You write what you feel.

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