Wednesday 13 December 2017

Oops Helen Mirren only went and did it again

It's 20 years since prime suspect, but Helen Mirren still looks in her prime at the age of 67

Helen Mirren. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire
Helen Mirren. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire

OOPS, Helen Mirren only went and did it again by waltzing into the Baftas looking fabulously sexy in a figure-hugging dress and with dusky pink hair.

The Oscar winner's firm curves and fresh complexion, coupled with her cropped baby pink hair, ensured she got as much attention on the red carpet as younger stars.

Yet again it was clear that age has not in any way diminished 67-year-old Mirren's ability to stun or surprise, or turn heads.

Even at a time when she could technically be carrying a bus pass.


In fact, it could be argued that looking fab in her 60s is gaining Mirren more attention than she ever received as a younger woman when she was supposedly in her prime.

It was 20 years ago when she played detective Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect, when her sex appeal shone in spite of her stark and suited police character.

For an actress to look severe and still be sexy is a rare ability, and one which Mirren shares with American star Edie Falco (49) who pulls it off in her role as Nurse Jackie. It was four years ago when Mirren wore the famous red bikini while on holiday in Italy and showed herself to have an enviable figure – at the age of 63.

While the tight-fitting white dress she wore to last year's premiere of State of Play showed that her curves wouldn't look out of place on a woman half her age.

Mirren's enduring sex appeal has made her a poster girl for beautiful women in their 60s.

While her joie de vivre is hinted at in the star tattoo on her left hand, she recently revealed she is "utterly disgusted" by it – because it no longer sets her apart from the crowd.

It was a skinnier and darker-haired Mirren who first took the acting world by storm after training with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1960s.

And while Mirren isn't alone in looking sexy in her 60s, it's hard not to suspect that the likes of Cher and Goldie Hawn have had a little nip and tuck along the way.

Mirren, on the other hand, looks like she's simply gotten better with age, much like good wine, diamonds and George Clooney.

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