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One D boys Up All Night after wowing 14,000 fans

ONE Direction were Up All Night after thrilling 14,000 fans at their second Dublin concert.

But while the boys might have been eager to celebrate their Dublin success, many were surprised to see them absent from the capital's top hotspots.

The champagne may have been on ice and VIP areas set aside, but it looks like 1D skipped the clubs, heading back to their five-star hotel instead.

But it wasn't a quiet night in for Harry Styles (19), Zayn Malik (20), Louis Tomlinson (21), Niall Horan (19) and Liam Payne (19). The boys seemed to have kept the party going at their hotel.

Niall stayed up till 3am before heading to bed. "I love my job," he wrote on Twitter. "And on that note I'm going to sleep."

One Direction put on another spectacular show in Dublin last night. Fans went hysterical as the boys belted out their No 1 hits, tried on Irish jerseys and had lots of cheeky banter with the audience.

And Niall was in flying form after the gig. "Dublin! Thank you so much for tonight!" he said. "Was class! Loved every second of it! You lot never let us down! I love my country!"

And Harry Styles was equally enthusiastic about the gigs. "Thank you Dublin," he said. "Crowd was amazing since we've been here, thanks for having us."

Their global Take Me Home Tour is due to hit some of the biggest cities in the world.

But Mullingar man Niall says there's nothing like coming home to perform for an Irish crowd.

"The Irish crowds are the best. And I'm not biased," he joked. "I've been waiting to come back to Dublin since the day we left." Proud Niall even wore a tricolour earpiece as he took to the stage.

The Kiss You singer says he is still taken aback by the band's success. "We're really busy, but look where we are, it's unbelievable what happened.

"We're just about to start a tour that doesn't end until November so it's crazy what's going on but we're just having a good laugh."

One Direction will play four shows at Belfast's Odyssey arena before returning to Dublin to play two more gigs on March 12 and 13.