Tuesday 17 July 2018

OKAY, it's got Ice Cube, so don't expect


OKAY, it's got Ice Cube, so don't expect Citizen Kane. Don't even expect The Hangover, but if you like Daddy Daycare and the like, you won't go far wrong.

It's not a bad idea, a remake of Training Day as a comedy, even though it's not original, and borrows plenty of ideas from 48 Hours too.

Here Ice Cube plays no-nonsense copy James Payton, who's overprotective towards little sister Angela (Tika Sumpter), particularly when it comes to her security guard boyfriend Ben Barber, played by Kevin Hart.

Ideally Ben wants to be a cop too - so James offers him the chance to ride along on the mean streets of Atlanta, if he dumps his sister.

And you can pretty much guess the rest as he puts Ben in impossible situations, including a scene where he gets him to move along some mean bikers who've parked in a disabled spots.

In the meantime, James is on the trail of shadowy criminal Omar (it's a secret - but just look through the opening credits and you'll work it out quickly), and we can guess that rookie Ben is going to come good somewhere along the line.

Hart is excellent as the manic cop bouncing off the surly partner, and the chemistry works well, holding the movie together.

It's no masterpiece, and the plot is really predictable. That said, the dialogue is hilarious at times, and keeps it rolling along.

DVD EXTRAS: Really good a - deleted scenes, an alternate ending, the obligatory gag reel and plenty of making-of stunt specials and interviews.


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