Thursday 23 November 2017

Nicola Hughes: I'll have to watch my weight with all of the partying on Made in Chelsea

Nicola Hughes
Nicola Hughes

Dublin model Nicola Hughes is watching her figure ahead of her debut on UK TV when she joins the popular reality show Made In Chelsea.

The blonde beauty has been dating one of the stars of the show, Alex Mytton, since they met at an event in Naas last summer.

While Nicola can’t talk about her part in the series just yet, the Sandyford native admits she has a very different lifestyle compared to Dublin.

“I’m based in London a lot of the time now, I miss home so much. It’s so different over there, I don’t have my mummy or my best friend,” she told the Diary.

“London is just really busy and everything is just ‘go, go, go’ in comparison to Ireland.

“There’s a lot of clubbing, it’s very full-on – everyone says that about London though.

“I’ve a lot of Irish friends living over there and they’re constantly having after-work drinks and that kind of thing.”

The 24-year-old admits that, like most girls, she has to watch what she eats to keep trim, especially as she hopes to get more modelling work in the English capital.

“Since I’ve been there I’m very conscious of my weight because you’re constantly drinking and eating out – you’ve got to be careful,” she added.

“I go up and down sometimes – everyone loses the run of themselves and eats loads of crap and then you kind of focus again.

“I eat healthily but I don’t really exercise – I’m quite lazy but I try my best to eat well.

“I’m going to definitely arrange to join a gym or something, I just

haven’t done it yet. I’m all over the place.”

Nicola said that her life is incredibly busy as she’s filming the reality show in London while juggling modelling jobs at home.

“I’m arranging a few things over there at the moment and I have done some modelling jobs,” she said.

“I’d like to model full-time over there and I’m sorting out agents.”

Despite life in the public eye, Nicola loves domestic life with Alex.

“I really enjoy living with him but I’m back to Dublin all the time.

“It’s not official or anything but I spend a lot of time there. I do have a toothbrush and a drawer, a wardrobe and it’s nice to have a base there.”

Nicola yesterday unveiled the boohoo.com Spring Summer 2015 collection (pictured right).

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