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Nationwide's Anne: I'll be running before my Christmas dinner

Anne Cassin

RTE presenter Anne Cassin has opened up about her love of running, her hectic schedule and the spiritual side of Christmas.

The Nationwide frontwoman told Woman's Way magazine she is hoping to run a half marathon before too long - although she counted herself out of the reckoning for the full distance race.

"I've done it before and I meant to do one this year and I didn't get round to it," she said. "I do run 5ks and that kind of stuff but I'd just like to stretch myself and do the half marathon. I've no desire to do a full marathon, I think that would be too punishing."

Cassin will even be pulling on the trainers this Christmas day when she lines up for the 'Goal Mile' run - an event that has become "something of a tradition with her family".

"I really enjoy it. You try and get the potatoes peeled and the bird on and then you run out and do your Goal Mile. It's very community orientated."

She said she loves Christmas although she would be more interested in the "spiritual side of things" than the manic build up to December 25.

"I tend to go to midnight mass. I love the candles in the church and the carols," she said.