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'My hubby had eye on Winslet,' says Emma


Actress Emma Thompson

Actress Emma Thompson


Actress Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson says her husband initially thought he would get together with Kate Winslet - but discovered he was wrong on a trip to Glastonbury.

Greg Wise and Thompson began dating after the end of the actress's marriage to Kenneth Branagh. They met on the set of Sense And Sensibility, the 1995 film that also starred Winslet.


Thompson (60) told The Graham Norton Show that Wise (53) had been advised by a friend he would find romance on the set of the period drama.

"He thought it might be Kate. He took her to Glastonbury, but she was so bored, he thought, 'This isn't going to work, who can it be?'," she said.

"Then things happened that probably shouldn't, and it's been 25 years together in May."