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Will the Boss break curfew? You bet, says sidekick Steve

THEY'VE camped out in the rain for over 24 hours and now hordes of Bruce Springsteen's fans are counting down the minutes until the Boss takes to the stage.

The 62-year-old rock legend and his E Street Band will kick off the first of two concert dates in the RDS tonight and thousands of revellers will descend upon the Dublin 4 grounds to take in the action.

With no support act lined up, Bruce will belt into his first number at 7pm sharp and will be expected to round out the concert by 11pm to avoid being fined by Dublin City Council.

Bruce is well known for playing past noise curfews at outdoor shows.

Last weekend, the Dancing in the Dark singer performed on stage in London's Hyde Park with Beatle Paul McCartney.

The Hard Rock Calling gig was closed down after it ran over its 10.30pm curfew and the pair were silenced.

But according to Bruce's long-time guitarist Steve Van Zandt, tonight's 35,000 fans will be pleased to know that they can't guarantee to finish up on time.

"You taking bets? Bet on it. We don't intend to break curfews, we just always do. They are at the wrong time. The problems with curfews is that they are scheduled too early. We need to reschedule the curfews," he said, adding that they "don't live by other people's clocks".

"We make our own time. That's how we are, that's the nature of rock 'n' roll, we create our own world. Part of what we do is we transport our own audience to another place and we bring them back. But how long that takes, we don't look at our watches," New Jersey-born Steve said.

It has been confirmed that Bruce and his band could be given a little leeway and allowed 15 minutes extra at his Irish shows.

"Sometimes gigs may have to start late due to crowds arriving late. But the extra 15 minutes may only be allowed at the discretion of DCC," a Dublin City Council (DCC) spokesman has said.

But, he added, they "don't have the power to remove an artist from the stage if the relevant curfew is being breached".

During his two Dublin performances in 2009, the award winner broke curfew by 15 minutes on the Saturday and by 19 minutes on the Sunday.

Gates at open at 5pm.