Thursday 18 October 2018

Where's your backbone, Brian?

DON'T you just get the sense that Brian Kennedy is loving every second of the attention he is now receiving, as a result of The Voice.

And why not. If you can handle the heat of a successful show, one should jump right in and make the most of it -- whether that's selling a few records, selling a few books or having your opinions heard.

And Brian must be feeling the heat at the moment, after he criticised Jedward and their Eurovision entry, which has won its way to the Eurovision Song Contest.

One tweet and he has the crazy fans and the not so crazy, but equally publicity aware Louis Walsh on his heels. And one person you don't want to cross is Louis Walsh. Kennedy said in his Twitter account that the Jedward song was boring. But before you can say catfight, Louis has responded by saying -- "The problem is it's all over for Brian and no-one has told him." Meee-owwww. Let the battle commence.

Now Louis is famous for tackling critics of his acts. In fact, he is well known for taking a swipe at just about anyone he fancies. For example, on Bob Geldof he once said, "I think the 45 people who went to see him in Rome were very, very brave. We have that many in the loo at a Westlife gig".

Shame then to see that Brian got a teeny weeny bit nervous and tweeted on Sunday, 'I will say this ONLY once! I do not HATE Jedward or the Jedwardians'. Sorry Brian -- but BORING!

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