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Westlife hit the top five in the Irish chart with €35m

WESTLIFE have joined the ranks of the richest entertainers in the country after their hefty fortune saw them included in the latest Rich List.

The foursome have just been named as the fifth richest entertainers in the country, with an impressive €35m fortune to their names. Throughout their lengthy career, the boys have racked up an impressive collection of number one hits, stellar album sales -- and a fortune most people can only dream of.

While their counterparts in the top five of this weekend's Sunday Times Irish Rich list are all seasoned performers who have been working for two decades or more, Westlife are relative newcomers to the scene in comparison.

However, in spite of the vast fortune they have amassed in recent years, they still have a thing or two to learn from legendary rockers U2, who ranked at the top of the list of Ireland's richest entertainers.

The iconic band, alongside manager Paul McGuinness, have amassed a staggering fortune of €487m in the past 30 years, earning €7m alone last year.

While the Lord Of The Dance himself, Michael Flatley, came in a respectable second place, his income still took a hit in the last year -- as he earned €5.7m less than in 2008.

But his lavish lifestyle is unlikely to remain affected by the loss as he is still worth a whopping €274m.

Legendary singer Enya (48) has earned an impressive €1.2m since the release of her greatest hits album last year.

The notoriously private Donegal native earned most of her fortune through her phenomenal record sales, as she doesn't tour.

And Lady In Red singer Chris de Burgh (61) is still making other crooners green with envy after placing fourth on the list with his impressive €35m fortune, adding €1.2 million to his earnings in the last year alone.

Joining them in the top five is Dalkey-based Van Morrison with €57m.