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The Voice kept me trim for S Club reunion - Rachel Stevens


Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens has revealed working on the Voice of Ireland kept her in top shape ahead of the S Club 7 reunion tour.

The 37-year-old has been touring the UK since the reality show wrapped and says she hasn't had a day off in months.

"I was really lucky doing the Strictly Come Dancing tour in January because dancing for me is the best exercise ever and always gets me in shape," she said.

"We had a big build-up to the tour with rehearsals and I was also on The Voice, going back and forth from Ireland every weekend.

"With the kids it's been non-stop and I've not had a day off for six months.

"A holiday is very much in order, although I love being so busy," she added.

Rachel is mum to Amelie (4) and one-year-old Minnie and says she can't wait to see them once the tour finishes this weekend.

"It's tough to be away from my daughters and husband Alex," she admitted.


"Minnie is only one and it's so hard not being with her, but I'm very lucky and have brilliant support around me.

"I get more of a lie-in being on tour than at home because I'm usually woken by the girls at 6.30am. We do have quiet late nights here, though.

"But we are really not that rock'n' roll and it's all healthy eating on the tour bus these days.

"It will be lovely to be home with my family after the tour finishes and we're going on holiday," she added.