Friday 17 November 2017

Script star Danny: I can't get a date even on Tinder

danny o'donoghue
danny o'donoghue

SCRIPT frontman Danny O’Donoghue has been linked with some of the most beautiful women in the world – but he failed to line up a single date on Tinder.

The singer joined the dating app looking for love but has suffered some setbacks since as he fell victim to the dreaded left swipe (a rejection to potential partners on the popular app).

Since splitting with model Irma Mali, the Dubliner has been connected to a string of gorgeous ladies, including former X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos.

But it seems his dating success doesn’t translate to the online realm as he found it tough to convince potential dates he was who he said he was.

“I was joking around with being on Tinder... but no one believes it’s me,” he said on Dutch TV show RTL Boulevard.

“She’s (dream girl) probably watching now and thinking, ‘OMG (oh my God), it was true.”

The Script

“He put his own face on it (account); he was honest and tried to get a date but people didn’t believe it was him,” bandmate Mark Sheehan said, backing up his pal’s tale of woe.

Tinder is a mobile app that allows you to view concise profiles of potential dates including pictures – if you are keen to chat you swipe right but the app requires the person to do the same with your profile before you can talk to each other.

O’Donoghue (34) wasn’t the only member of the band to fail when it came to hooking up via the app.

Bandmate Glen Power admitted he also couldn’t convince people he was for real when they spotted his profile.

The successful musician even went so far as to ask women

along to gigs but nobody could believe that he was looking for love online.


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