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Robbie joins ranks of born-again bores

So Robbie Williams has found Jesus. Don't you think there is nothing as irritating when people find Jesus after years of having a grand old time?

In his blog, Robbie has said that he regrets the lyrics "Jesus didn't die for you", in his song Bodies. Fair enough. Those lyrics would have insulted many Christians, who feel his dying on the cross is the foundation of their faith.

I like that he said that.

But in the same blog he writes: "God has found me."

Yawn. Snooze. Tedious.

I have met people who have "found" Jesus later in their lives. They are the most sanctimonious people to have around.

I have a friend in London who surprised us all by joining the Alpha group. This is a Christian group of trendy young hipsters. They like to meet up and have intellectual conversations about God and the universe, and they have a glass of wine at the end. How 21st century!

Anyway, my pal found God through the Alpha group at the age of 35, and he became the most boring person on earth. Not because of finding a new faith, but because he wouldn't stop talking about it. Everything was brought back to God. We'd be out at dinner, we'd be in the pub, we'd be walking along, and every, single discussion came back round to his faith.

Finding God or Jesus happens to those who have been arsing around for years and have a void that needs filling. As Robbie Williams said in his blog: "I've nearly filled the hole where criticism used to be, feels mighty."

I'm sure Jesus is thrilled that he is filling a hole where criticism used to be.

It was bound to happen that Robbie Williams found something. Before it was drugs, then alcohol, then a wife, now God.

I just can't wait for his first religious song, thanking the good Lord for saving him.