Wednesday 13 December 2017

REM singer Michael Stipe stops by city's musical barber shop

REM's Michael Stipe with Barber Peter Meade
REM's Michael Stipe with Barber Peter Meade
Barber Peter Meade, left, and Dave Judge, Owner, outside Abner Brown's Barbershop. Rathgar road, Rathmines, Dublin

REM superstar Michael Stipe made a surprise visit to Dublin's quirkiest barber shop on Wednesday night, but it wasn't for a haircut.

The Everybody Hurts singer popped into Abner Brown's in Rathmines for a chat after hearing that it doubles as a music venue from a pal.

Barber Peter Meade told the Herald how the bizarre encounter came about.

"A customer from Seattle, who comes to me all the time said his friend would really like the shop, I said, 'Really who's your friend?' and he said, 'Michael Stipe'.

"I said 'yeah, right', thinking he was bullsh****g, but he said, 'No really'."

Peter later regretted his scepticism and said he "nearly had a heart attack" when the singer walked into the shop. "It was just surreal."

Peter said the frontman, who has sold over 110 million albums, looked around the shop where instruments and vinyl records adorn the walls.

"He [Stipe] said that the next time he was in Dublin he must come in and have a shave; we will be tempted to ask him for a tune or two as well," Peter said.

The barbers/music venue - owned by David Judge - attracts big names like Mundy and Duke Special who are due to play there soon.

"I had an idea of having a musician in on Saturday's to play acoustically on the couch and it has just grown," David said.


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