Monday 11 December 2017

Phil Lynott's mum 'rocks out every night'... instead of knitting


Philomena Lynott
Philomena Lynott

THE mother of tragic rock star Phil Lynott prefers rocking out to his music rather than knitting at 84 years of age.

Last Sunday would have marked the 66th birthday of the Dubliner.

Philomena Lynott told the Herald she is still as passionate about his music now as she has ever been.

"It's thanks to him that I'm not just sitting at home, knitting," she said.

"His music is still very much alive and it's probably what is keeping me alive, too.


"I get to rock out every night because of the music he made," she said.

"It's funny, because I think people have just realised that if he were alive today he would now be a pensioner," Philomena added.

Hundreds of fans from across the globe, along with Philomena, got together at the Bloody Stream Pub in Howth to celebrate the Thin Lizzy star on Sunday.

Since his untimely death in 1986, his mother says she hasn't had a minute's rest - thanks to Lizzy fans organising events all across the country to remember him.

Bands of every age and size performed some of Philo's greatest hits on stage at the venue in Howth - and later in the Academy theatre - to celebrate Philo's birthday.

As bands performed hits such as Dancing in the Moonlight and Jailbreak, Philomena says one song stuck out more than any other.

A song Phil wrote called I've Got To Give It Up reminded her of his tragic, untimely death due to drugs.

Lynott's last years were marred by a drug and alcohol dependency, leading to his death 1986.

"When I think about that now it was obvious that he was talking to himself and to the fans.

"If he did give it up, perhaps he would still be around with us today.

"Every time they play it, I think, my God, if only he could have given it up.

"But once you get addicted to those things you're hooked - and, unfortunately, that's how we lost him," she said.

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