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Not such a beautiful day as Bono busts arm in New York bike fall

Bono has had a run of bad luck.

The U2 rocker injured his arm during a leisurely bike ride in New York City over the weekend.

And the cycling accident comes just a few days after Bono's private plane lost a rear door as it was coming in for landing.

The band confirmed online that they were a "man down" after Bono suffered the injury which will require some surgery and it looks as if he'll be out of action for a few weeks.

Guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen said that they had to cancel a pre-planned appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as a result.

"It looks like we will have to do our Tonight Show residency another time - we're one man down," the band's post read.

"Bono has injured his arm in a cycling spill in Central Park and requires some surgery to repair it," the statement continued.

There was no detail about when or how the accident happened but the bandmates also said they will have to reschedule their week-long appearance on the US TV programme Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

An NBC spokesperson confirmed that U2, who had been booked to appear every day this week, had pulled out due to the accident.


The cycling injury came just days after the Dubliner had a narrow escape when there was a minor malfunction with his private jet. The hatch blew off the airplane while cruising at 15,000 feet over Germany en route from Dublin.

The U2 singer confirmed that none of the 60 passengers on board were injured but joked some farm animals may have been hit with debris.

"You know, there might be a few cows or sheep in the German countryside with a sore head," the U2 singer said. "We trust nobody was hurt because we would have heard by now. That was actually our first concern because we were fine."