Sunday 21 January 2018

Niall Horan is looking in Direction of Ireland for a new pad, says pal Eoghan McDermott


Niall Horan
Niall Horan
Eoghan McDermott

One Direction heart-throb Niall Horan is on the lookout for a new Irish pad according to his close friend, presenter Eoghan McDermott.

The Mullingar singer (21) is travelling around the US at the moment but as One Direction look set to split next year, The Voice of Ireland host Eoghan (32) said Niall is hoping to spend more time on Irish shores.

"Last time I checked he was in America and was having a grand time. He said he wants to get a place in Ireland next year," Eoghan told the Herald.

"Not to necessarily spend all his time here, just to be in Ireland quite a bit."

While the boyband will be taking a step back from the music scene, Eoghan said Niall is eager to follow in his broadcasting footsteps and the Dublin native wants to have the heartthrob as a guest on his new 2FM radio show.

"He wants to do a bit of presenting, not in a mad capacity. I think he will be brilliant at it. If I can get him in for a show that would be class," he said.

Along with his new evening time slot on the airwaves, Eoghan has also just put the finishing touches on a new UK-based dance series.

"We're just finished with it and the production company is happy with it so that will go out to all the [networks] to see who wants it," he said.

The show is based on Eoghan's own format and he admitted he's hoping to emulate Baz Ashmawy's success with his Sky series 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy.

Eoghan McDermott

Eoghan McDermott

"Baz is an inspiration. He was doing great for a while and then he hit a bit of a quiet patch when he made 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy and now he's a millionaire," the presenter said.

"I just think the simplicity of the show is beautiful."

Eoghan is also gearing up for the return of RTE's The Voice of Ireland, which will begin filming later this year.

The singing competition is set to return to screens for it's fifth run - something the broadcaster admitted he wasn't expecting.

"I was surprised it went again. I was surprised they went with the fourth [series] because it was a three-year deal, but the ratings went up again last year so I guess as long as it's pulling in the numbers fair enough," Eoghan said.

Although the show is broadcast over three months of the year, Eoghan said "you wouldn't retire off" the role.

"There's only nine or ten days work on the Voice," he said.

"The auditions and the battles are maybe a day-and-a-half or two for me and then there are only six live shows, so you wouldn't retire off it."

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