Thursday 20 September 2018

Nadia Forde: I want to take on the Eurovision one day

Nadia Forde
Nadia Forde

Ireland may not have made it to the final of this year's Eurovision, but our fortunes may change in the future if Nadia Forde has her way.

The model-turned-singer has revealed that she has been approached to enter Ireland's Eurosong contest in the past and wouldn't rule out a bid to represent Ireland in the future.

"It's something I've been asked to do a couple of times before but I don't know yet if I will," she told the Diary.

"Who knows what will happen but the one thing I've learned this year is you don't know what's going to come your way.

"I never thought I was going into the jungle last year so I just take things as they come," she added.

The 26-year-old has big plans for her singing career and is currently in rehearsals to appear in a musical.

The BPM singer is also working on her debut album.

"I'm having a bit of down time at the moment as well as rehearsals and that's nice - getting to spend a bit of time with family and loved ones is great," she said.

"West End Men is coming to Dublin on June 7 and I'm really looking forward to that - I've been stuck into rehearsals for it over the past few weeks."


During her time off she could be spending time with her rumoured new beau Dominic Day, but she isn't giving much away.

"It's a very tricky situation when you are getting to know someone and all of a sudden everyone knows about it - but I'm happier than I've been in a long time, and he has a lot to do with that," she said.

"I'm really happy at the moment and he's a really great guy.

"I just don't really want to talk about it too much," she added.

Nadia was introduced to Dominic by ex-Irish international and fellow Bath player Peter Stringer and his fiancee Debbie O'Leary after a game in London in March.

Debbie is one of Nadia's best friends and she's so excited for their wedding in Spain next month.

"I'm so looking forward to that, it's going to be so much fun," she gushed.

While she has no set holiday plans just yet, Nadia will be jetting to Spain a number of times.

"I'll be in Ibiza with Lipsy for a special Ocean Club kind of thing in the next few weeks and Debbie's wedding is abroad too," she said.

"Other than that, I've nothing planned yet but I will have a few holidays."

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