Sunday 17 December 2017

Madonna's yogic mime show comes at an eye-watering price

Well, within hours of Madonna's extravagant mime show at the Superbowl, the ever-efficient Ciccone Corporation had put the word out that the Madge juggernaut was set to roll over the world this summer, to promote her forthcoming album MDNA. In reality, she'll likely make far more money from ticket prices and merchandise than she will from actual album sales. And what prices they are!

Even without VIP packages the cost of heading to the Aviva Stadium on July 24 is eye-watering. Steerage admission is set at €54.65, whereas the top ticket will set you back a nosebleeding €141. Factor in an agent's fee and service charge and you're looking at just short of €155. Recession? What recession?

While I have no desire to stand in a field watching someone miming while performing yoga routines, the likelihood is that by the time you read this most of the higher-end seats will have been snapped up and, in many cases, sold on.


To facilitate this there's a line in the ad for the gig which states 'For premium tickets and to sell tickets go to viagogo.ie' which is a peculiar thing to see in an ad for an event run by MCD and Live Nation. So, you get your tickets online and then go to a site which will take them off your hands?

Hmmh. With summer gigs by the Stone Roses, Rihanna (two nights in the Phoenix Park), Lady Gaga (another diva in the Aviva), Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Snow Patrol, you'd wonder if the Irish market can sustain such activity.

And in a week which saw Tripod, Crawdaddy and the Lower Deck lost to live music, it seems the smaller venues are going to the wall. >George Byrne

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