Sunday 23 September 2018

Jedward ride wave of popularity in Europe

JEDWARD are already causing waves across Europe with their new Eurovision entry.

Commentators across the continent are predicting this year's entry, Waterline, will be even more successful than Lipstick.

RTV, a Spanish broadcaster noted: "Last year, they conquered Europe with their impossible quiffs and catchy tune Lipstick, but the Grimes brothers only reached eighth place in Dusseldorf, so they will return this year to the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterline.

"Waterline shows the more mature musical side of the Grimes brothers, although they haven't given up on their fancy hairdos, enormous shoulder pads and symmetrical choreography," they added.

RTV remarked that Eurovision had contributed to the success of Jedward's tour last year, and that their appearance on Big Brother could also help their bid this time.

The article included the lyrics of Jedward's Eurovision entry after dozens of requests from Spanish fans.

"These guys are amazing, they've managed to gain half a million followers in a very short space of time and [their fame] is still growing," one blogger wrote.


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