Wednesday 23 January 2019

I'm terrified for my daughter - Sinead

Sinead O'Connor has opened up about her only daughter's singing abilities and admits she is terrified of her being in the spotlight in the music industry.

The mother-of-four said her 18-year-old daughter Roisin recently moved her to tears of happiness when she sang an opera song, but she is relieved she has decided to pursue a career as a writer like her father John Waters.

The 47-year-old star told Pat Kenny yesterday on Newstalk that she has loved sharing the stage with her daughter on dates on her tour over the past year, most recently at the Electric Picnic.

"It is brilliant being on stage with her. She is a frighteningly incredible singer, which I hope no one ever finds out because I'm terrified of her being in the music business in case it was hard on her. It's not the easiest," Sinead said.

"I would worry for her being my daughter that people might project on to her and be a bit mean to her and be waiting for every word out of her mouth to be mental or whatever."


She told how her daughter recently moved her tears when she sang the theme tune to the Samson and Delilah opera at her home accompanied by her boyfriend on piano.

"I had the most amazing emotional [experience]. My face was beaming - there were tears falling down my face but I wasn't sad."

But she said her daughter, who is studying theology and French in university, has decided she wants to follow in her well-known father's footsteps.

She said on Newstalk: "She wants to be a writer which I am relieved at because it's great, showbiz and all, but it's kind of hard work. You wouldn't want it for a sensitive person. I hope she sticks with the writing."

But her proud mum said she believes Roisin will eventually find her way back to music.

"I think she will end up in music some way or other."


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