Sunday 19 November 2017

'I'm singing this one for my late mum,' says Amy Hansard

Amy left with her famous uncle Glen
Amy left with her famous uncle Glen
Amy on the Voice

Amy Hansard says she's going "to sing for her mum" when she takes to the stage at the live shows on the Voice of Ireland this weekend.

Her mum tragically passed away after Amy and her sister Sinead sang in the battle stage of the popular reality show.

While Sinead didn't make it to the live shows, Amy says her sister is supporting her all the way.

"I'm not that nervous about the live shows, I'm more excited, I can't wait," she told the Herald.

"It's been a tough few weeks but I feel stronger now and I'm going to sing for my mam this weekend.

"She was delighted and she was so proud of us," she added.

Amy wasn't a big fan of the last song her coach, Rachel Stevens, gave her which was Human Nature by Michael Jackson, and her famous uncle Glen Hansard has encouraged her to make sure she gets a song she likes.

"He said the song wasn't great, that it was the wrong choice for me. He said to make sure I get a good song that shows off my voice and I have to say I love the song I'm singing.


"I don't think anyone should sing Michael Jackson, it just doesn't work.

"Whereas this song really shows off my voice and there's a high bit as well which I love," she added.

The Ballymun native said she loves working with Rachel, even if she doesn't like her song choice sometimes.

"Rachel is great, she's lovely. It's been a busy week with all the rehearsals and she gives me great tips," she said.

Amy (18) also revealed that people now recognise her from the show. "Me and Sinead were at the Nicki Minaj concert the other night and loads of people recognised us," she said.

"Some people were asking for pictures but others were coming up just to wish me well and chat about the show.

"It was amazing, it's mad to think that people recognise us."


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